Results of the test are private to the person taking the test, unless they choose to seek supervised self-testing. There is no requirement for the person to disclose the results of their test to others.  

Since the results are not reported, public health does not become involved with people who test positive on a self-test, however anyone who presents to health care providers with a positive self-test result should be aware that the result may be reportable to public health according to regulations.  

Anyone who presents to health care providers with a positive self-test result should also be informed of options for obtaining a confirmatory test and treatment and care, as required.   

Completed selftest devices, if used in a home environment, should be placed back into the test kit pouch along with all test kit materials for more discreet disposal in regular household trash. 

If someone wants help before, during or after they test and they are a participant of the I’m Ready research program or are curious about joining the program and want to learn more, our peer navigators are available to support connections to care and information through our I’m Ready, Talk secure telehealth service. 

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