Test where and when you want to 

The INSTI HIV Self Test was approved for use in Canada on Nov. 3, 2020, in part thanks to research done by the same team behind I’m Ready to Know. The overall accuracy is rated at over 99%, meaning that there is over a 99% probability that either a positive or a negative result will be correct. If you become part of the I’m Ready program you can get up to three free INSTI HIV Self Test Kits.

The INSTI HIV Self Test is currently the only HIV self-test approved in Canada.  

More about the INSTI HIV Self Test  

The INSTI HIV Self Test is very similar to the rapid point-of-care test you may be familiar with that is administered at a health clinic or your doctor’s office, and is produced by the same manufacturer, bioLytical. It’s also similar to other home self-tests, not unlike a pregnancy test: you do the test on yourself and see the results within minutes.  

To do the test, you prick your finger for a single drop of blood using materials that are in the kit, follow the kit’s instructions to mix and use the other materials included in the kit, and then read your results. It takes approximately one minute to do the self-test from start to finish.

Watch the manufacturer’s video below for details. 

Visit our knowledge base for details about using the INSTI HIV Self Test and how it works 

Our Knowledge base of FAQs on this website has more information about how to use the testwhat the results look likewhen to testhow to store the test, and more.