Know your status. Connect to care. Together, let’s end HIV in Canada.

We designed the new I’m Ready, Test app to be a central part of the I’m Ready program.  

The I’m Ready, Test app is how you’ll respond to surveys, get free HIV self-testing kits and be referred to services and information for HIV care and prevention. 

We also built I’m Ready, Test to pair with our I’m Ready, Talk service, where you can access peer navigation support before, during or after you test.  


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How the I’m Ready, Test app works

Once you download the app through the Apple or Google Play stores, you’ll open the app, answer a few eligibility questions and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and create a profile. Your participation is anonymous.


The app will generate a unique user ID for you. This anonymized ID is how we know which survey responses are from you without knowing who you are.

After you answer an initial pre-test survey, you can choose to have self-testing kit(s) delivered to your home or another address, or to pick up a kit at one of our partner pickup locations.

Next, once you have your kit(s), the Test app will guide you through testing, ask about your results and suggest follow-up HIV prevention and care resources for you to access.

The Test app will also ask you to complete a brief follow-up survey, after you test to find out how you’re doing and whether you have accessed care or supports.

Self-testing opens many doors by removing some of the barriers people face in getting tested for HIV.

Sean B. Rourke, Director, REACH Nexus

Consent and privacy 

Throughout this process, our peer navigators are available to support you any time before, during or after you test through our I’m Ready, Talk secure telehealth service. 

For detailed information about how your data is collected and stored as well as your anonymity as a participant, please visit our term of use and privacy pages.  

More about the app 

REACH Nexus, part of MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto, worked closely with our partners and the development team at Plazus Technologies to design the innovative and user-friendly I’m Ready, Test app. Learn more about how we designed the app and the I’m Ready program on our page about the implementation science behind I’m Ready.