For a limited time, you can choose to receive a free box of 5 rapid COVID-19 antigen tests (at home tests) when you have ordered 1-3 HIV self-test kits through the I’m Ready program. This initiative is a partnership with the Canadian Red Cross.

As a reminder, your participation in this program is anonymous and voluntary. Your name or personal information provided on the order form will not be linked in any way to the data collected in the surveys, or the results of your test(s).


COVID-19 remains a serious health threat in Canada and the situation is evolving daily. Testing can help determine if you have COVID-19. This is an important step to help reduce the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 Provincial and territorial resources:

Visit the Government of Canada website to learn more about where to get COVID-19 guidance, and testing and self-assessment information specific to your province or territory. You may also use the provided phone numbers to contact your local public health authority that can be found on this website.

BTNX Test:

The I’m Ready program will be distributing the BTNX COVID-19 Antigen Test Device. Please visit the company’s website to read the product description, instructions, FAQs, and a demonstration video

I’m Ready, Talk Peer Navigators:

You can connect with a peer navigator through the I’m Ready, Talk platform to get connected with resources related to your I’m Ready COVID-19 antigen test. Note that peer navigators are not healthcare providers. Peer navigators will not offer medical advice, support with how to use the test or how to interpret results.