The pickup locations listed below are distribution partners for the I’m Ready program. While you can order one to three HIV self-testing kits to be discreetly delivered to an address of your choice through the I’m Ready, Test app, we know that some people are more comfortable picking up a kit in person.  

Thanks to the support of the distribution partners below, we’re able to offer this option so you can choose to get a kit on your own terms.  

How to pick up a kit  

To pick up an HIV self-testing kit, you have to participate in the I’m Ready program. This means that you have to first download the I’m Ready, Test app and create a profile so the app can generate a unique ID for you that will keep your participation anonymous.  

Once you’ve downloaded the app and created a profile, you can order up to three HIV self-testing kits for delivery or pick up through a form in the app. If you choose to pick up your kits, the order form will generate “pickup codes” that you can access through the app menu at the bottom-right of your screen. You’ll use these codes by tapping “claim” beside each pickup code when you are picking up your kits.

You can visit any of the pickup locations below to get your kit(s) once you have ordered them through the delivery form and have your pickup codes in the app. You don’t need to contact the locations in advance to let them know you’re coming, but you may want to confirm the hours they are open, especially since many organizations have modified hours during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

What to expect when you pick up a kit  

When you pick up a kit you’ll be asked to “claim” your kit in the app by tapping your pickup code, and also to scan one kit into your app before you leave. If you pick up more than one kit at a time the pickup site staff will mark the kit that was scanned—please use this marked test kit first. 

Scanning connects the kit number to your unique, anonymous participant ID. Scanning the kit also registers where you are in the testing process so that our app can keep guiding you through the testing process and give you information about prevention and care after you test.   

If you have any questions about picking up a kit—or about testing, prevention, care or our program—our peer navigators are available to support you through our I’m Ready, Talk secure telehealth service.  

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