Know your status. Connect to care. Together, let’s end HIV in Canada.  

Thanks for your interest in being part of the I’m Ready program! Our program is sharing HIV self-testing kits and asking questions from the people who will use them so we can learn how to improve HIV testing and care in Canada.  

I’m Ready is driven by implementation science and is one initiative under I’m Ready to Know, a series of projects we’re working on to improve access to low-barrier options for HIV testing and care in Canada.   

Participation in the I’m Ready program is anonymous and you control your own pathway through the program. You can self-test and access information about HIV prevention and care on your own or with our support. Either way, you can test when and where you want to.   

What’s involved with being part of the I’m Ready program   

If you decide you want to be part of this program, you’ll need a smart phone and access to wireless internet or data. First, you’ll need to download our I’m Ready, Test mobile app. Note that as you go through the program, our peer navigators are available to support you anytime before, during or after you test through our I’m Ready, Talk secure telehealth service.

Once you have downloaded the I’m Ready, Test mobile app, you’ll be asked to:  

  1. Complete eligibility questions and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy policy, create a profile and answer a short pre-test survey;
  1. Choose to have up to three self-test kits delivered to your home or another address, or opt to pick up a single kit at any one of our pickup locations. If you already have a kit, continue to step #3; 
  1. Once you have your self-test kit, open your I’m Ready, Test app again. You’ll then follow the steps in the app and use the test kit’s instructions to take the self-test; 
  1. When you’re done the test, you’ll record your result in the app anonymously and continue on in the app to access more information to keep you healthy by treating or preventing HIV. 

You will also be offered a follow-up survey through the app to ask about where you’re at and whether you’ve accessed care and supports.

Testing with support before, during or after you test, with I’m Ready, Talk  

We’re here to help! You can book a free, confidential appointment with a peer navigator through our I’m Ready, Talk secure telehealth service, available through a web browser or as a mobile app. Our peer navigators at I’m Ready, Talk can help if you have questions about the I’m Ready program or HIV self-testing. They can also walk you through the testing process and they can guide you to information and services for HIV care and prevention.

About your privacy 

Your participation in this program is anonymous and voluntary. Your name or personal information will not be linked in any way to the data collected in the surveys, or the results of your test(s). 

Share or use more than one kit  

You can use all the HIV self-test kits you order yourself, or you can share them with your family, friends or sexual partner(s). Please note the kits are for personal use only and are not for sale. If you share an HIV self-test kit with someone, please encourage them to visit this website and to download the I’m Ready, Test mobile app so they can also be part of the I’m Ready program.  

Why are we doing this? We ask you to do this for two reasons: first, we want them to have the same opportunities to receive support that you do, and second, the more people that complete the program, the better we can understand how HIV self-testing can work for the people who most need better access to testing.