We created this I’m Ready research program poster generator for you, our pickup location partners, so that you can print posters to put up in your local area. These posters will help alert potential participants to the I’m Ready program and let them know that they can pick up kits with you. 

The posters will auto-populate your pickup location name and address, which the generator pulls from your location listing

How to access your poster

  1. Find your location listing below by province or keyword and click the “poster” button to the right of your listing.
  2. On the next screen, you’ll see a preview of your poster, with a button above it that says “download the poster.” Click the “download the poster” button.
  3. The poster will download as a PDF that you can print. From there, print the poster.
  4. Put the poster up in your local area, wherever you think might be a good place to advertise the I’m Ready research program to potential participants in your area.

Please note that this poster has been approved by Unity Health Toronto REB. Please do not modify the generated PDF in any way. If you have questions or concerns about the poster, contact us at reachnexus@unityhealth.to.

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