In BC, health services are organized by region (also known as Health Authorities). To find out what health region you live in, consult the following map. You can navigate to region-specific information pages for these different Health Authorities from the BC care pathways landing page, where you can also access HIV care and prevention information that is applicable across the province.

General HIV care and prevention information

If your HIV self-test result is negative

Access to PEP

  • To find out where a person can access HIV PEP (a 4-week course of medications that a person can take if they are HIV negative and think that they have been recently exposed to HIV), you should go to your closest hospital, health station, or emergency department.
  • You can also visit this BC-CfE information site to find out more about accessing HIV PEP.

Access to PrEP

If your HIV self-test result is positive

Access to HIV confirmatory testing

  • Access to HIV confirmatory testing can take place:
    • through a family doctor or nurse practitioner who offers services within your community;
    • at a walk-in clinic located in your community; or
    • at any specialized sexual health clinic.
  • You can use SmartSexResource’s web-based clinic finder to locate health centres and community clinics, or call 604-707-5603 or 1-888-488-7444.
  • You can book a virtual appointment with Options for Sexual Health by calling 604-731-4252 or 1-800-739-7367.
  • If you live in a rural or remote First Nations community in Northern BC, you can go to the nearest nursing station or health centre to obtain more information about accessing confirmatory HIV testing.
  • First Nations Health Authority’s Virtual Doctor of the Day program for all Indigenous peoples and their families can be reached at 1-855-344-3800.

HIV care and treatment

Sexual health and other STBBI services

  • Access to testing for other sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBIs) can take place through a family physician or healthcare provider in your community, a walk-in clinic, or a specialized sexual health clinic.
  • For comprehensive information on HIV and Hepatitis C services available at Northern Health, visit the HIV and Hepatitis C website.
  • To obtain sexual health information, you can visit Sex Sense’s website at or call 604-731-7803 or 1-800-739-7367.

Harm reduction services

Peer navigation and community-based organizations

Peer navigators are people with lived experience who can help others learn about available services and resources for people newly diagnosed with HIV. To locate different community-based organizations who may offer peer support in BC, you can visit, a directory of HIV and hepatitis C services. You can also check out the Pacific AIDS Network member list.

If you are an I’m Ready research program participant, or have questions about the I’m Ready program, you can connect with peer navigators through I’m Ready, Talk.

Looking for information on something not covered here? Visit Northern Health’s HIV/HCV website, or reach out to the Northern Health Specialized Support Team for HIV & HCV at 1-888-645-6495. There is also province-wide information on the BC care pathways landing page.